Kamis, 09 Juli 2015

Caring Jewellery Mutira

paket wisata lombok beautiful shape and emits rays of making sparkling pearls as an accessory is much preferred. But the pearls chili this one becomes dull and less vulnerable beauty. pearl jewelry chili,Because it comes from nature, the pearls are made from organic easily cracked and scratched. Therefore, it needs special care and more accurate than other types of jewelry. Here's how to take care of pearl jewelry at home in order to keep its beauty. Caring Jewellery Mutira - tour lombok Make-up, perfume and hairspray can easily corrode so it looks like a rusty pearl. This is because the pearls are very sensitive to acid. Wear earrings, necklace or bracelet pearl 30 minutes after you use perfume, makeup or other cosmetic products containing chemicals in the body. Pearl Jewelry Cleaning - paket wisata lombok Cleaning pearls can not be arbitrary, should use warm water and gentle soap formula; more secure to use a special soap for washing hands. Never use cleaners containing alcohol. You also can use special cleaning pearls are usually sold at a jewelry store. After cleaning, place it on a towel and press out lightly to dry them. Do not forget to always clean the pearls with a soft cloth after each wearing. Pearl Jewelry store - paket tour lombok Protect pearls from the heat of the sun or the temperature is too cold. Extreme temperatures will make the pearl damaged. Store in a silk bag. Smooth silk material is very friendly with pearls because both organic. Or you can save it in a velvet-lined jewelry box, and always remember that plastic is not recommended to store pearls Keeping Sheen Pearl Jewelry - paket wisata lombok pearl jewelry lautRuangan moist well to help maintain a beautiful pearl luster. So, do not be too long this jewelry store. Frequently nice to wear due to moisture pearls. If you keep it in a safety-box or safe deposit box is airtight, you should put a glass of water or a wet sponge in it to keep it moist. Once you understand how to care for pearl jewelry, now is the time you visit and shop in Miss Joaquim Pearls lombok tour

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